Krusher's February 2010 Diary

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Wednesday 27th, January to Tuesday 23rd, February 2010

Firstly I must apologise more profusely than Tiger Woods' cock for my lack of entries... into the diary over the best part of the last month. HAAAAAARRRGH!!!!!

I’ve been in a very dark place and have only managed to crawl out momentarily to perform public duties and I would like to thank everyone at the Tivoli in Buckley who turned up to rock at the end of last month and were foooookin' rocktastick!!!

Also to Magna Saga and Nebula at the Underworld for helping to lift my spirits briefly at the beginning of this month, or should I say for letting me down their spirits backstage and being a total disgrace at the after show party. Salutations to you all.


The reason for my black mood, no let’s be honest here, the reason for my depression has been Southwark Council’s disgraceful treatment, of not only myself but everyone in Terror Tower, in the way they have gone about informing us that at some point in the not too distant future we are all going to be re-housed, or as they like to call it decanted, as they feel that the £15,000,000 cost of repairing the block (absolute total bollockius mentalitus) is not within their budget.

This coming from a bunch of condescending, arrogant, two faced, lying bastardos who managed to spend £165,000,000 building new offices for themselves where they can sit around making ridiculous policy decisions, like where they'll go to lunch, whilst swaggering around like free range arsechickens just released from a battery farm.

Those thieving illegitimate nippledonkeys in Parliament crying over their expenses and preparing for another fooooookin' useless election where once again some bunch of pretentious, bully boy/girl party will get into power and take us into even more hell hasn't helped my mood either!!!!

The result of this stress threw me into a tailspin dive of great melancholic magnitude and basically the last month has been spent in an almost total alcoholic, more stoned than Brighton beach condition with very little food touching my lips or stomach.


Eventually I managed to drag my self down to Dr Diamond at the Bermondsey Health Centre and ask for help, which came in the usual form of boxes of Prozac. It does fooook all for me, especially as any benefits are wiped out by my alcohol intake, but I just couldn’t find the spirit to argue for something more motivating. I was more depressed than a witches tit with an inverted nipple!

I took the prescription down to the local pharmacist and was told it would take 45 minutes before it could be collected. Now that’s even more depressing and when I came back was told they’d actually run out of the bastards!!!!

Now I really was approaching kamikaze level but managed to find another local chemist, got the shit and went home for my smokey, liquid, pill breakfast followed by self therapy on the couch.

This has resulted in many, many daze spent lying on my couch stinking like a fresh puddle of shit in the desert, with a packet of pills, a bottle, a spliff and a labyrinth of thoughts and emotions racing through me but not being able to find the power or motivation to do fooooook all apart from pop a pill, drink, smoke, worry, sleep and thank foook, go to the toilet.

This got so bad last Saturday; I was so drained of energy that I spent 20 out of 24 hours sleeping, drained and totally incapable of even answering the phone or going to buy more alcohol. That was the lowest point and I’m glad to say that since then I’ve managed to roll off the couch, get Milly to drag me to the bathroom, had a bath and more miraculously stopped drinking and smoking. However, that might be because I’ve run out of money! HAAAAAAAARRRRGGH!!!!!


I’m still taking the pills and managed to eat some healthy food, (doner kebab in a roll with raw onions and green chillies, with a banana and some Special K for desert), hence I’m writing again, even if it’s the most depressing shite one could imagine reading.

The other saving grace in all this madness has been Milly, who has managed to make me drag my sorry arse out of the block several times a day, rain, snow or shine to watch her piss, defecate and take on anything with four legs, bless her little heart.

Also Mr G, whose patience and understanding in my lack of commitment to this diary, or in fact anything, has been gratefully acknowledged and appreciated. Lolly and Brookeus Magnificus and yourself for returning to this website and reading what you’ve just read.

I raise my bottle to you droogies (I managed two days without one) as I am of course back on the hooch, and ask you to join me in the sacred, ancient words of magic, wisdom and love... FUCK ‘EM ALL!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!


Wednesday 17th, February 2010

Krusher is currently sat at his computer and there wiil be a new diary entry very, very soon...

Monday 1st, February 2010

Krusher's diary for late January and early February will be appearing here very soon, as soon as Mr G goes round to his flat and confiscates his booze and powders... sorry for the wait.

pure rawk

  Mr G's February 2010 Diary

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Wednesday 17th February 2010

Is it really eleven days since I last wrote? Must be because that's the date on my last entry... I really don't know where this year is going. Its just whizzing by and I'll soon be another year older. That means that Krusher will be as well as our birthdays are just a couple of weeks apart. Maybe you'll even get a special birthday edition of his diary? We live in hope...

Life is stupidly busy at the moment and it's almost at the point where it is ceasing to be enjoyable. I wish I could afford to stretch the wage bill a bit further and take on some more people but not yet I'm afraid. Maybe before the football season is out. It would really help me cope with my astronomical workload.

The trouble with being so busy and never seeming to be up to date with everything is that when you do attend a social occasion, you feel guilty and forever have work things on your mind. But I created this whole situation and I really shouldn't complain about it. So I won't.

The best social occasion since I last wrote was easily the FM comeback gig at The Roadhouse in Covent Garden on Sunday 7th. Now I am not a huge fan of AOR. I do like it, especially Journey and Asia but it rarely gets a play in the office because the harder stuff always takes priority. So having said that, I have to say that FM were absolutely brilliant.

Sonia from SLW Promotions, Belinda and Richard and me. Thanks to Noel Buckley for the pic.

I like the Roadhouse. It's an American themed bar in Covent Garden that used to have regular gigs and it was good to be back in there and it's always good to be at a do where you know lots of people. From memory, Mark Taylor, Noel Buckey, Steve Strange, John McManus, Dave Ling and Jerry Ewing were all in attendance and I also had the pleasure of meeting Tank singer Doogie White for the first time. I had a good old chat with Doogie and he's a really cool guy. I couldn't resist asking him about his Rainbow days and what it was like working with Richie Blackmore and his reply was "that was a long, long time ago..." So he's obviously moved on a long way since then and good on him.

I also got to meet Lidia Samson for the very first time and I was very honoured when we raised a glass and a salute to Lidia's late husband Paul Samson. Of couse, two members of FM were formerly in Samson and here's some video footage of one my favourite Samson songs. That singer isn't bad and I have a feeling he could make it big...

But best of all, I turned round to go to the bar and there, sat nursing a tonic water was my old mate, the one and only legend that he is, Sir Fast Eddie Clarke. I was gobsmacked. Eddie at an FM gig? Surely not? Well it turns out that Mrs Fast, the lovely Mariko, has an involvement with FM and had brought Eddie along as well. Good on her.

It was really great to see Eddie again and he was looking well and was very bright and enthusiastic. There will definitely be some Eddie news coming soon and you'll hear it here first as we've been running his official website since its inception over ten years ago.

Myself and the legendary Fast Eddie Clarke. Thanks to Noel Buckley for the pic.

The musical highlight of the night was the final number, a cover of Bad Company's 'Feel Like Making Love' with Mick Ralphs on bass. I must also mention the track 'That Girl', which in my opinion is far and away FM's best track. They played it early as well, third song in and Steve Overland was on excellent form. It's good to have them back.

On a separate theme, I attended the London Affiliate Conference at the start of this month. This is an exhibition for Online Bookmaking firms and as well as some good business getting done, there's always a lot of drinking going down and this year was no exception. Booze and business doesn't always mix well but it always seems to at these conferences.

When I was at the conference my mobile rang and I was delighted to hear from an old comrade of mine from my RAF days, Sgt (now Warrant Officer) Richard Cooke of 72 Squadron, RAF Aldergrove, Northern Ireland. We were big mates when I was in the province from 1987 to 1989 and I took him to his first ever Metal gig, WASP at the Belfast City Hall. I don't think he's recovered yet.

He does have fond memeories of the gig though, as I do, and he sent me two pictures from the evening. That's me on the right at 23 years old in 1989. Wish I still had those boots. The gear Cookie is wearing was all mine. Well I had to make sure he looked the part...



I was in Middlesbrough last week and all went well and I got two Freddie Surplus sausages for breakfast as well. The football team is picking up now and the play-offs are looking more of a possiblity every week. Having said that, we were beaten by Blackpool last night but we should get over that quickly and get back on track. Check out my football column, The Anti News, on by clicking here.

I was due to go to Spain last week for a few day's break. The folks had a holiday apartment over there and I had agreed to come for four days but I got a message saying if I hadn't booked a flight, I should reconsider as there was nothing at all to do as literally everything was closed, even the local bars. It's a good job in a way as I would have fallen even further behind with the workload.

As it turns out, I have secured a few more bookings for Krusher for 2010 which will be published on this site later today.

I also have the schedule for Hammerfest now and Krusher is DJing on the Thursday night from midnight to 2.30 and all day Friday as well. I can't wait for Hammerfest. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Iced Earth for the very first time and will hopefully get to spend some time with old mates Dez and Phrank from Devildriver as well. If it's half as good as December's Hard Rock Hell it will be a blast.

Yesterday was Sensei singer Mick Hopkins' funeral and of course, it was a sad affair. Mick's son did an amazing tribute to his Dad and you have to take your hat off to him for pulling that one off in what could only have been the most difficult of circumstances. RIP Mick - you won't be forgotten.

Until next time...

Friday 5th February 2010

I spoke to Krusher on the phone this morning and once he had come round from the daze he was in and remembered who I was, he told me the story of how he had blacked out last night. Funny thing was, it wasn't down to excess - it was down to not enough. Bare with me on this...

What happened, apparently was that he had lost his stash and it had induced a panic attack and he woke up on the couch when I called to find out why he had been in hibernation for the last few days.

"I have a new TV coming today" he told me, in drunken slurred tones. "It's a 200" flat screen LCD Hi-Def super-duper Carlos Fandango model with a go-faster stripe down the side."

And here's the best bit...

"I've decided to throw the old one out of the window."

But the plan was not to repeat what happened at Prestatyn but to lower the old set down to the ground on a rope with residents on each floor taking photos as it 'hurtled' to it's death.

Now bearing in mind that Krusher lives on the 968th Floor of a very scary high rise building called Terror Tower, I wondered if a rope big enough actually existed? The answer apparently is a resounding 'YES!'

Said rope was apparently commandeered from the Park's Department some years ago and is kept by the sofa in case of fire. Personally, I would think a bucket of water would be more effective but there's no reasoning with the clinically drunk and/or chemically insane.

Now I don't think for one minute that this will have actually happened and that is for a number of reasons, not least that the dribbling old fool will not have remembered his brainwave more than two minutes after coming up with it. We spoke again on the phone this evening and it turns out that I was right.

But his new TV has been delivered and I must go round and have a butcher's tomorrow evening. We're going to the 80's/90's rocker's reunion in the St Moritz Club tomorrow night and I hope that he is in some sort of semi-decent state, otherwise that bucket that should be by the sofa may have to make a cameo appearance.

I know I will be in more than a semi-decent state as I have been on the wagon for the last five days. No cigarettes, no drink, no nothing. The last substance was last Sunday night when I went round to see my old mate Terry from Rich Bitch. Unfortunately, Terry had phoned me on the Sunday morning to tell me that Sensei founder memeber and front man and former Rich Bitch frontman Mick Hopkins had died the previous night from a massive heart attack.

This was obviously awful news and very, very hard to take. I had known Mick for many years and he was a great guy and a fine frontman and will be very sadly missed. RIP Mick!

During the previous days whilst Krusher was at his monthly gig at the Tivoli in Buckley, I had been attending the Annual London Bookmaker's Affiliate Conference and what a blast that was.

The Conference is one of the major events of the year for me as it's where I get to meet a lot of people I do business with over the net and get to strike a lot of deals that keep the Sports Department running until the end of the season. It's always a boozy affair and this year, with Monday being the first of the month, I went for it big time as I knew I would be stopping after the Sunday night.

And I did. Up to now. How long it lasts this time I cannot say but I am aiming to beat the ten days I did in January and I have already beaten the two that Lord Krushington of Dribblingshire acheived this month.

One of the best things about this year's Conference was that Jennings Bet had brought a special guest with them, none other than former BDO World Darts Champion Andy Fordham.

Andy is one of my favourite darts players as he is definitely a heavy metaller with his long hair and beard and nickname of 'The Viking'. At one point he weighed 31 stone and was in the habit of consuming 25 bottles of lager before going on stage to play but after more than one health scare, he lost seventeen stone and is now apparently healthy.

Well I just had to give him a game, didn't I. I'm certainly no 'Jockie on the Oche' but I gave it ny best shot and I scored 45 on both my throws. Andy beat me by a meagre ten but I suspect he was holding back a little. It was a great experience anyway. Here's some footage of Andy playing Phil Taylor in 2004 in a match dubbed 'The Showdown'.

As you can see from the sites, The News Service has now been launched. This is something I have been planning for weeks now and it's still very small but it's very early days yet. I'm so happy to have finally got it launched though and it will grow and grow as we get more input from PR, Promo and management companies.

I know where it's going and I'm sure it's going to be very successful. Let's see where we are with it in a couple of months time.

We've got a whole load of copies of Murder One by Paul Di'Anno's Killers available for sale on at the moment. I think Cliff must have found them in his cellar or under his bed, but how wonderful, we have reached a deal where we can retail them for a mere £4.99.

And there's bonus tracks as well, one of which is an acoustic version of Iron Maiden's Wrathchild. This is easily the best album Paul did post Maiden and you can click here to check it all out.

More great news this week is that Heaven And Hell will be headlining this year's Bloodstock Festival which means that Ronnie James Dio must be getting better. The band have announced other gigs as well this year and it will be wonderful to see Ronnie back in action again after suffering the horrors of stomach cancer late last year.

Krusher will of course be appearing at this Bloodstock in the same capacity as last year, i.e. compering the various stages and introducing the bands and maybe even a spot of DJ'ing as wellllll, cough, WHAT THE FUCK, splutter, FUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeez - what was that!? I'm listening to the latest edition of Krusher's Rock Animal radio show which I will be publishing shortly and I am sure I heard The Carpenters just after Slayer??? I nearly spat me dinner out there. Just what on earth is he playing at? Where's the phone... KRUSHEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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